Weekly Rewind (Week 1)

Acts 1:1-11

Ken Brooks

One thing Pastor Dallas said this past Sunday that marked me was, “Stop looking backwards at what could have been, look forward to what could be.” This is essentially what the apostles were told to do. They were told to look forward what God was going to do through the Church. The gospel was in a small portion of the earth, yet God wanted to use His disciples to take the Church to the ends of the earth. 

He is not using only seminary trained people. He is using ordinary people that are faithful to His calling. He is looking for those that are dedicated. When we are filled with the Spirit we are going to be more willing to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Thankfully, God is not sending His disciples out on their own. He is not letting us do this on our own. God promises a Helper in the Holy Spirit. This is good news for us because we cannot accomplish God’s will on our own. We must rely upon God. We cannot get ahead of God or we do it in vain. When we go, the Holy Spirit will guide us. 

Ultimately, moving forward is about obedience. Obedience leads to action. Without obedience and dependence, you are acting in your own will. This action might look like going, but it also might look like staying. If God is saying stay still, then He is at work and we would do well to obey. 

This challenged me this week to look for ways to share the gospel with people I encounter. My desire is to look forward at what God is doing. To see God's Kingdom advance and if I am to move forward, I cannot sit still. I must actively be involved when God gives me that opportunity to share. If we seek opportunities to share the gospel, God will provide those chances.   

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