Weekly Rewind (Week 5)

Acts 3:1-10

Pastor Tre Wiggins

As Pastor Dallas preached on the healing of the lame man last Sunday, I could not help but think about the beggar’s condition. We heard that the beggar had never entered the temple. His life was confined to begging for money outside the temple. He was in a bad spot - made even worse that his deeper, spiritual need was not being met in Christ.

But it is this condition that made him the perfect candidate. His being lame conditioned him for receiving what he needed most: spiritual healing. I could not help but think that we are no better than beggars ourselves. Since we have no power in and of ourselves to save (Ephesians 2:8-10), we come like beggars to the Lord Jesus. And we must.

There is no other way to come to Him, except with empty hands to receive. 

It challenged me to remember how I came to Christ; I was dead in sin, empty-handed, and broken. Deeply needing healing. And so are many others in our spheres of influence. It caused me to reflect how often I treat salvation like a trophy placed on a shelf to be admired, when I ought to remember it is a truth to be shared that ultimately changes me and others when they believe. I left the sermon desirous to see Christ change people around me through the influence He has given me in the gospel. I pray this week that we’ll all be more aware of those needing spiritual healing around us; there is no shortage!

Dallas WhiteForward