Weekly Rewind (Week 7)

Acts 4:1-31

Brad Childers

This week’s sermon on Boldness had several key points that stuck out to me and remain fresh in my mind as I begin a new week trying to encourage more boldness in myself. Yesterday’s service felt like it ignited a flame, and while it’s a challenge to condense all the thoughts I have from Sunday, the point from the lesson that’s really sticking with me is:

Boldness requires that you do not allow your failures from yesterday to stop you from being available today

The first thought that came to mind when Pastor Paul began this lesson was how easily we take God’s grace and blessings for granted until we find ourselves broken or in a time of need. But just as Paul said, “brokenness often precedes boldness” and “on the other side of being uncomfortable is the Holy Spirit”. In moments where we find ourselves with nothing or no solid footing to stand upon, that’s when we realize that all other ground truly is sinking sand. Instead, if we rebuild from our cornerstone, we will have a foundation and a structure that can withstand any storm and can provide shelter to everyone that we invite in with us. But in order for that to happen, we have to be bold enough to open the door, seek others, and share what God has brought us through, and how He continues to work. 

This lesson, combined with the stories of those who joined our family through baptism this week, provided the perfect marriage of the concept of bold actions, and the fruit that it can bear. Nearly each person that we saw provide that expression of faith through baptism, came into our church family because there were those amongst us that were bold enough to display their Spirit-inspired action to others. I can’t wait for more days like this where we have multiple baptisms, and we can consistently cross names off of our “ONE” board.

Dallas WhiteForward