Weekly Rewind (Week 8)

Acts 4:23-35

Michelle Ellis

Before praying, get in the Word and remind yourself of biblical realities to set the mind and heart into a humble and confident posture of prayer. 

This past week Pastor Dallas preached on prayer and Acts 4:23-35. A quote I wrote down from the message was, “don’t let your circumstances change the way you see God.” (Pastor Dallas). I thought about how I approach prayer. Do I let my emotions carry the purpose of my prayer? Am I only communicating with God through a self-seeking lens? In all honesty, I answered “yes” to these questions. Now my communication with God is not always self-seeking or emotionally driven, but I know I am a sinner and can think of many past prayers that would meet those qualifications. So what do I do? 

Reflecting on Pastor Dallas’ first sermon point, the pattern of prayer, I realized that not only were Peter and John acknowledging God’s sovereignty (v. 24), they were living in reality. Biblical realities to be exact, this is the only true reality. There are times when I let the world dictate my “reality,” which I then let guide my prayer; this is not demonstrated in Acts 4:23-35. In contrast, Peter and John let God’s realities guide their prayer. They can pray humbly and confidently because of God’s sovereignty, not anything in or of themselves. For us, God’s truths are in His Word. Therefore, I need to be getting into the Word and hiding God’s truths in my heart to pray humbly and confidently to God. Nothing can be done apart from Him. 

After taking a look in the Word, here is what I found: reality is that God is sovereign (Isaiah 46: 9-10); reality is that God keeps His promises (Psalm 37:25) and reality is that God works all things for good, for those who are called to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Be encouraged. God equips us for everything, including prayer.  

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