Here Again: New Music

Every now and then, I hear a song that seems to connect so well with where we are as a church. When I heard this song earlier this week, I knew we had to sing it on Sunday. Written by worship leaders in a local church, Here Again is a powerful, prayerful song we'll sing together this weekend. 

My favorite part of the song is the chorus, which says:
Not for a minute, was I forsaken,
the Lord is in this place, the Lord is in this place
Come Holy Spirit, dry bones awaken,
the Lord is in this place, the Lord is in this place

Perhaps you're wondering about the reference to dry bones in the chorus above?That line comes from Ezekiel 37. In that passage, God, in a vision, takes the prophet Ezekiel to a valley filled with dried out bones. God tells Ezekiel to speak to the bones. When he does, life begins to return. This amazing moment culminates with this promise from God: I will put my Spirit in you, and you will live (14).

What a wonderful reminder that even in the midst of our brokenness and hurt His Spirit can bring new life. Take a moment to read through Ezekiel 37. Then, give Here Again a listen and come ready to worship along with us this weekend! 

Dallas WhitePrayer